Whole30 Reintroduction: Sugar and Dairy

Well, I’ll be keeping this post brief because I think I have to. Post-Whole30, I’m down another five or so pounds, at my lowest weight since beginning this journey! Awesome! I’ve also spent the past few days doing the reintroduction phase of Whole30, and so far, there have been no problems. Until today…

The sugar reintroduction went fine–no physical reactions, though I learned that my palate is very sensitive to the artificial after taste of it. I tried my old favorite coffee creamer first thing on day 31, and had to pour the majority of the coffee out because it was so sweet. I’m definitely going to limit my sugar intake going forward!
Dairy, however, has been a different story. Woah, boy! Today I had goat cheese in my eggs for breakfast, and Greek yogurt with salsa atop my chicken breast for dinner. I felt uncomfortably bloated after breakfast, and now, after eating dinner…Well, let’s just say there are some rather unfortunate digestive  issues happening. No bueno. It looks like dairy will be out for the long haul!
This week, it’s on to legumes and non-gluten containing grains and carbs (for me, that’s brown rice and tortilla chips). And, being completely honest, after that, it’s probably back to a fairly by-the-book Whole30/paleo diet for me for good. Don’t fix what isn’t broke!

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