Whole30 Update 2: Blergh

Today, Day 5, has been rough stuff. I am exhausted and the cravings are so very real. So real that I’ve taken to watching a cooking show on Netflix to get my fix. Good Lord.

I did manage to put pen to paper and assemble my week 2 meal plan and shopping list. I’m planning to spend tomorrow morning at the gym (spin, cardio, yoga) and the afternoon shopping and starting my prep. If I can keep my eyes open.

You’re not supposed to weigh yourself while on Whole30 (because it’s not about that), but I cheated and peaked today: I’m down 13 pounds since last Friday. Wooo! I’m really going to resist the urge to climb back on that thing until the 30 days are up.

Now: time for bed before I raid the bag of chocolate chips currently in our freezer…