Words of Wisdom Wednesday

There are days (in my case, lots of days) where you feel like giving up. What’s the point when the scale again refuses to budge, your workout doesn’t feel quite so kick ass,  you huff and puff your way through a shorter run than you would have liked, you eat too many carbs, or drink one too many vodka sodas?

During moments like that, it’s important to remember moments like this:

Today a co-worker, who I just recently met, stopped by my office. After chatting for a bit she said she had been thinking about me lately because I had inspired her to get up and workout in the mornings–something she never used to do. She shared that she’s struggling with it but she’s sticking with it because if I can do it, so can she.

That was exactly what I needed today. In times of struggle, seek out and cling to the nuggets of positivity and transformation in your life. They’re always there. Maybe not in a form you recognize or prefer, but they’re around nonetheless. And they are oh-so-valuable on this journey.

Don’t give up, don’t ever give up. Give up the ghost of what you used to be, the negativity and self-loathing, absolutely.  But don’t ever give up on yourself.  It may not always feel like it, but you are worthy. Of everything.

Love your life.